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Accountancy project for class 12 cbse free download

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October 12, 2017

All students come to a stage when they need to prepare projects in the class. Preparing a project requires good amount of effort and it is very important for academics. Students learn many new things like team work, leadership etc while preparing the project. But, sometime students do not understand the importance of project work and tries to copy the work from other students. It is a common scenario where students get confused about the projects  that are assigned to them. I think an important reason can be the lack of information on how to proceed.

In order to create a project you need to have sound knowledge of the project topic. You should have access to specific resources and tools required. Project samples are one of the important source to kick start your project work. It will give you an idea on the different activities required to finish a project. In the article ” Accountancy project for class 12 cbse free download “, I will try to accumulate accountancy projects for class 12 in PDF format prepared by students. The source of documents is slideshare.

Accountancy project for class 12 cbse free download

1. Accountancy Project by Harshith G

The first sample project by Harshith G is about history of comprehensive problems, Journal Enteries, Ledger Account and Trial Balance etc.

Download Link – Accountancy Project by Harshith G

2. Accountancy project for class 12 by Dheeraj Kumar 

Download Link – Class 12 Accountancy Project by Dheeraj Kumar

3. Accountancy project for class 12 by Dan K John

Download Link – cbse class 12 accountancy project by Dan K John

I hope this post will help you in giving a kick start to your project. If you would like to share some important experiences. Kindly comment. You can tell more about your project by writing a post in favteacher.

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