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CBSE Class 10 Science notes PDF download

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October 13, 2017

Hello students. Today I want to share an important post regarding CBSE Class 10 Science notes PDF download and how Science notes can be helpful in the preparation. At the end of the post you will get a comprehensive CBSE Class 10 Science notes in PDF format.

Being a student, many time we need comprehensive notes in order to revise concept or remember important facts. Many students buy science guide and revise important topics. But, Do you know many experienced CBSE teachers work hard to prepare support material for students? No, Since these study materials are not visible in internet, you do not get a copy of it. Today , I want to discuss abut CBSE Class 10 science notes which will surely help you in your examinations.

Topics covered in CBSE Class 10 Science Notes

The study material is very comprehensive and covers 16 chapters of Science. It is covering all NCERT Science chapters. You will get very short answer type, short answer type and long answer type questions and their answer. These questions are very important for the board examination. The chapters will have brief summary of the chapters, important diagrams , tables and reactions. According to me, It is very good to revise the important topics. Below are the chapters it covers

First Term Units

Chemical Substances – Nature & Behavior

Chapter 1.Chemical Reaction and Equations

Chapter 2. Acids ,Bases and Salts

Chapter 3. Metals and Non -metals

World of Living

Chapter 6.Life processes

Chapter 7. Control and co-ordination

Effects of Current

Chapter 12. Electricity

Chapter 13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Natural Resources

Chapter 14.Sources of energy

Second Term Units

Chemical Substances – Nature & Behaviour

Chapter 4. Carbon and its Compounds

Chapter 5.Periodic Classification of Elements

World of Living

Chapter 8. How do organisms Reproduce?

Chapter 9. Heredity and Evolution

Natural Phenomenon

Chapter 10. Light- Reflection and Refraction

Chapter 11. Human Eye and Colourful world

Natural Resources

Chapter 15. Our Environment

Chapter 16. Management of Natural Resources

CBSE Class 10 Science notes PDF download

After through light over the study material I would like to share the science notes pdf link so that you can easily download the content and start reading using any device. I will also try to give a few suggestion on how to get more from this study material.

Download CBSE Class 10 notes PDF download


I will suggest to use the study material as notes only. It can not be used as the full reference material. It only notes down important topics, diagram etc which should be given more priority while exam preparation. In order to get in depth detail, kindly refer books.

I hope this article will help you. Kindly share this to your friends. Join study groups at favteacher and study in groups, meet new students and help them.

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