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How did the frog appear to the nightingale like a \"Mozar... – Rohit Kumar

  • Rohit Kumar posted an update in the group Group logo of Class 10Class 10 11 months ago

    How did the frog appear to the nightingale like a “Mozart in disguise” ?
    Can somebody answer this question?

    • Rohit I have found this answer from a note (CBSE). Hope it will help you.

      The nightingale admitted that there was nothing divine in her song. But she felt proud of her song. It was sweet and pleasant. But the frog was a crafty fellow. He planned to eliminate his rival in the bog. So he pointed out that there was not much to boast about the song. She was a beginner in the art of singing and needed proper training. He assured her to take upon himself the task of imparting training to her. The frog appeared to her like a Mozart in disguise.

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