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Evans tries an o level summary

Abhishek Mishra
September 15, 2018

Evans tries an o level is written by Mr. Colin Dexter. He was an English crime writer who was known for his Inspector Morse series of novels, I will try to explain Evans tries an o level summary in this article.

Before proceeding to the real summary let us look at the various characters of this story.

  • The Secretary of the Examination Board
  • The Governor of H.M. Prison Oxford
  • James Roderick Evans (Evans, the protagonist of story) and a prisoner.
  • Mr. Stephens – A Prison officer
  • Mr. Jackson – A Prison officer
  • Rev. Stuart McLeery -An Invigilator (Parson)
  • Mr. Carter- Detective Superintendent
  • Mr. Bell- Detective chief Inspector.

Evans tries an o level summary

James Evans, being unable to resist the urge to steal, has been imprisoned thrice but has outwitted jail authorities all the time. When he lands in jail for the fourth time, extra precaution is taken. So when Evans puts up a demand to appear in O-level German examination, all eyes turn suspicious.

The Governor complies with Evans request and allots him a German tutor for 6 months. the tutor is pretty sure that Evans is going to fail exam but Evans is ready to ‘surprise’ everyone foreshadowing his intentions to jail-break.

Finally, the day of the exam arrives and all the belongings of Evans is confiscated. Evans insists to Jackson (Prison guard) to let him keep his lucky hat for which Jackson agrees. The cell is bugged (Room or object that contains a concealed listening device) so that Governor can be all ears to the happenings in the jail cell and Stephen (another guard) keeps checking the cell once in a while. The invigilator for the exam Mr. Reverend Stuart McLeery is also searched before he could start the exam.

The exam gets over and Stephen escorts McLeery to the main gate. Stephen thinks of once again going back to Evans cell and is perplexed that McLeery (Evans impersonating McLeery) is wounded and trembles with the thought that he just escorted Evans out of the jail. Stephen offers to hospitalize McLeery but after getting assurance from McLeery that he can get the ambulance for himself, Stephen leaves and marches to intimate Governor.

The Governor after thoroughly searching the prison cell finds a piece of paper (correction slip) and later on connecting all the dots believes Evans would be somewhere in Newbury. Governor confronts Evans in his hotel room and they both indulge in a brief conversation discussing about the details of Evans escape plan. Governor bids adieu to Evans and leave him in the prison van. Evans had hinted to Governor that he got ‘many friends’ during their talk in hotel. It comes out true as the prison officer escorting Evans in the van is one of his friend. He has the last laugh has he escapes in broad daylight.

Evans tries an o level – Events at a glance

  1. Evans tries an O’ level German Exam in his prison cell
  2. The duplicate Mcleery (original tied & gagged in the library) reaches cell with all the exam materials.
  3. After the exams, the invigilator leaves but authorities mistake him for Evans.They think wounded Evans in the prison cell as the invigilator
  4. For the treatment, they send real Evans to hospital, thus, he escapes.
  5. Evans, after escape stays at the Golden Lion hotel. But the Governor catches him.
  6. Is Evans arrested? No, He is sent to the prison in a prison van. But inside the van, it is his own man-final Escape

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