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Favteacher is a knowledge sharing website run by students and teachers of India like you. Join now and become the part of learning community. Share your knowledge to the world.

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Favteacher – Learn , Share and Inspire

Favteacher helps you to connect with your favorite teacher, student or academic organization. Let us be more digitized when it is about learning and sharing things.

A dedicated personalized wall for the post updates you share with your favorites. If you have followed someone or joined a groups, their updates will come in your activity wall.

Do you know a physics concept that can help others? Just make a story and see people loving it. It is really exciting to see how you are helping people to understand something.

You met with a new teacher or student on Favteacher and wanted not to miss his a single update. It’s time to click on the “Follow” button and all his activities will be reflected on your wall.

Groups are a great way of sharing your queries and help other people solve their questions. It is a great to be with the people of same interests. You can join or create a group.

Registering to this website is very easy. We have two method of registration. You can use your social accounts like Facebook or Google or your own email id to register to the website.

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