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SBI PO Mains Examination 2017- My Experience

SBI PO Mains Examination 2017- My Experience

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September 18, 2017

SBI PO Mains Exam 2017 result got declared on 3th July, 2017 and many students could not make into the interview round. I was also among them who were mum after the shock of not qualifying exam. Many people were preparing hard for last one year or two year and could not make it. So, I thought why not to write a failure story which can help all those students who will be appearing in the next upcoming exams.

After the declaration of SBI Pre Result 2017, I was damn confident that my preparation are going well. I had studied only 30 days and made into SBI Mains. Though my marks was 52 only, but it boosted my confidence. I made so many calculations as to which area I should work upon. How to tackle the ghost of general awareness? Whatever I could do , I did but then  also I could not make it. The answer lies in the level of SBI PO mains exam.

I could remember when a time came when I was solving English and I was fed up of seeing the same hard questions appearing again and again. Looking at the  Mathematics and Reasoning Paper I was feeling like where to start. In the prelims exam, We have questions which we can attempt but in mains I was hardly seeing any question which can give me the confidence to proceed. I have summarized my experience and suggestion below :-

  1. While starting your PO preparation, try to follow some standard CAT book like Arun Sharma. We simply need different approach to crack this exam.
  2. Meritshine  videos were very helpful. It will give you a very good start.
  3. English requires a habit try to follow some good newspaper daily e.g THE HINDU.
  4. General Awareness can’t be covered in the last 10-20 days. Try following some youtube channel regularly  if you feel this subject boring. This time SBI gave more from Current affairs side.
  5. Join online test series. It is very necessary to adapt the online exam system. I repeat it is a must.
  6. While solving questions, do not restrict yourself in solving easy or medium question. It is very necessary to make our mind ready to tackle unique questions in the exam. Try to push your preparation to a good level.
  7. The environment of SBI PO Mains exam was entirely different from the prelims exam. I would say that the Prelims exam was a test of speed and accuracy whereas the mains exam was all about managing the stress and anxiety. For that you should be very good at identifying the weaker questions. It need more practice and experience.
  8. One important issue I faced while giving typing test, I  was unable to copy paste in the editor. I made a mistake of not giving title and cutting one paragraph which I could not paste. So, Please do not use cut, copy, paste in typing test.

These were my experiences of SBI PO Mains Exam 2017. In the next article I would be writing about my approach of qualify SBI Prelims in 30 days. You can also comment your experience below. Keep reading..

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