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Important Current Affairs 1st July 2018 1 Who has... – shashi kumar

  • shashi kumar posted an update in the group Group logo of Current affairsCurrent affairs (English Language) 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Important Current Affairs 1st July 2018

    1 Who has been recently nominated as a full time member of the MIT Trustee Board?
    (a) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (b) S Ananth Kumar (c) Vijay Chetri (d) Ajit Basu

    2 How many million dollars of help does World Bank decide to give to Rohingya?
    (a) 280 (b) 380 (c) 400 (d) 480

    3 Who has recently appointed as the new part-time president of ICICI Bank?
    (a) B. Shriram (b) NK Sharma (c) Girish Chandra Chaturvedi (d) None of these

    4 Where is the first summit between Putin and Trumph recently fixed?
    (a) China (b) Finland (c) France (d) Bangladesh

    5 Which state will be honored to reduce the mortality rate recently?
    (a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Uttar Pradesh (c) Gujarat (d) Kerala

    6 Which of the GNFCs has been recently shared between?
    (a) Ministry of External Affairs (b) Policy Commission (c) Ministry of Education (d) None of these

    7 Who has recently notified the Election Bond Plan 2018?
    (a) Government of India (b) President (c) Prime Minister (d) None of these

    8 Who has released the first Delta Ranking recently?
    (a) Reserve Bank (b) Supreme Court (c) Policy Commission (d) None of these

    9 Where will the commercial embassy of United Arab Emirates be established in India recently?
    (a) Bhopal (b) Lucknow (c) Chennai (d) Hyderabad

    10 Recently, IRDAI has approved LIC to buy a stake in which bank?
    (a) HDFC Bank (b) ICICI Bank (c) IDBI Bank (d) None of these

    Right answers
    1-a, 2-d, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a, 6-b, 7-a, 8-c, 9-d, 10-c

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