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Percentage Reciprocals of Numbers up to 30 It i... – shashi kumar

  • shashi kumar posted an update in the group Group logo of Bank ExamsBank Exams (SBI/ IBPS) – English 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Percentage Reciprocals of Numbers up to 30

    It is very important to learn reciprocals of numbers up to 30 because you can use it for faster calculation. Percentage reciprocals are often used widely in solving DI questions. Let us learn how to solve.

    Can you remember some places where you see percentages like 33(1/3) %, if you start calculating its value you will do it like 33*3 + 1 = 100 then you will find 100/3 % = 1/3
    But if you remember percentage reciprocals you will directly tell the fraction by seeing the percentage. In exams percentages are generally asked from these reciprocals so it will be very handy.

    How to use percentage reciprocals

    Q. Find the value of 22.22% of 18
    Ans – If we remember percentage table, We know that 1/9 is 11.11%. 22.22% is 2/9
    So, 2/9 of 18 = 4 Ans

    Below is the table. Get it by heart and you will see a big difference. Share it with people.

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